Hong Kong Day 3: New Year’s Eve

Harbour City.IMG_3586IMG_3587IMG_3589IMG_3588IMG_3591IMG_3590IMG_3592IMG_3594IMG_3595IMG_3601


Hi Bes. Hahah



Perfume Making/Customizing


Countdown found onΒ Happy New Year!Β .


Hong Kong Day 1

December 29, 2016. Arrival. No sleep. Street food. Hot soup. Milktea. πŸ™‚

HK Airport



Gold tongs at the bakery


En route to the hotel via train…IMG_3326IMG_3328IMG_3330IMG_3331


Beauty stuff heaven


Welcome drink


Hi. Going out now. Super dead sleepy. πŸ™‚


Waiting for my forever. Haha



Yummy egg waffle


No sleep. 😦


Hot soup for the uber cold weather!



Whut?! A photobomber with a baby. ;p


Home early. Itinerary. Need sleep. Goodnight. πŸ™‚

Vietnam Finds

I didn’t really shop that much in Vietnam because I did not really intend to, but I was able to bring back home with me a few cool things.

Wool Cover – Up

Got this for 400K Dong (P880), though my mom got hers for 250K Dong (p550) only when we got back the next day! 😦 Haggling in Hanoi can be very tricky, I must say. Nonetheless, I love the color and quality. It’s thick, and it really looks nice with anything.


3 – in – 1 & Ground Coffee + Coffee Drip

Vietnam being the second coffee capital in the world, their coffee is my favorite! For 35K (P77) Dong Cafe Hue ground coffee and 5K (P11) Dong coffee drip, I feel like I’m still having a taste of Vietnam in my own home! So rich and delicious! I couldn’t remember how much the box of 3 – in 1 coffee was, but it tastes good! I only have one sachet left as of this writing. 😦


Longer Than Usual Mirror

80K Dong (176) for this mirror. I’m not really sure, but I haven’t seen a vertically long mirror in Manila like this. What we have is square – shaped, and half the size of this. I like the print, and it’s more convenient because reveals my whole face when I use it.

Woven Tissue Holder & Storage

I got this tissue holder for 250K Dong (P550). Aside from its design, I like it because it has a firm, thick and sturdy material. Others I’ve seen are lousy. My mom and I also bought a couple of pieces in pretty different colors & designs and sizes, which we also gave to our friends as Christmas presents.



Photo by my friend, Apple. I gave the smaller version as a gift.

Compact Plastic Utensils

I think this costs 70K Dong (P154), I’m quite unsure. This is perfect for me because I like bringing food to work, and I also like eating in the car. It’s light because it’s plastic, and very handy because it’s foldable. It already has a pair of spoon and fork, plus a pair of chopsticks.


I’m almost running out of coffee, so I hope I’d be able to find somebody who will go to Vietnam soon! πŸ™‚ There’s really nothing much to shop for in Vietnam. The best things from my trip were really more of the experience, people, culture, nature and food. πŸ™‚


December: Christmas Is Love

Christmas is my favorite season. It’s festive, and it’s the time to celebrate how good God is Β by giving back, and simply by being thankful.

December 1:


Funny quotes from my colleague, Mikki. πŸ™‚


Hello December!


Coincidence from the current book that I’m reading, “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman”. It was December 3, 2016 when I read that part.


December 4: Bumped into my good friend in Eastwood while waking my way to the church. Had coffee with Cris after the mass.

December 5:



Yummy dinner for my cousin’s wedding in Iloilo at Y2K Talabahan, Smallville.. Missing going to Iloilo regularly during my stay in my past company.


December 6:


Kuya Rodel’s Wedding at the Jaro Cathedral church with my relatives


HPE Accelerate Together event at Revel


December 8: Christmasy coffee at St. Luke’s after my meeting


December 9: Reunion with my Talent Acquisition/Recruitment friends at Rue Bourbon, Eastwood


Boomerang With Nico πŸ™‚

December 10: Feeding in Rancho, Marikina, a Women Nation Foundation activity


Joined by my beautiful friends, Cath, Issan and Apple.


December 11: At the wake of the father of our high school friend at Christ the King Church (reunion with my high school friends as well)


With Steph and Mary Anne


With my grade 3 bestfriend, “Myoo”. Never a dull moment with her. πŸ™‚

December 12: Dinner and wine at Poco Deli

with one of my closest friends in the office, who just transferred to a new company


All the best, CJ!



With Mikki in Ayala Triangle. Love the pink lights


December 17:


Another close colleague of mine who’s moving to a new company. This was her send – off lunch at M Cafe. Good luck, RJ!



December 18: Nice words again from Haruki Murakami, “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman”.



December 20: Pep Christmas party at Stockpile in Ortigas

December 22:

Brewing vietnamese coffee

Christmas dinner with Apple at Melo’s QC


Yummy baked oysters


December 24:


Shared this tribute in my previous post. Went to a friend on the day before Christmas to pay my respect to a good friend of mine, Jerico, who passed away.


Say hello to my snow man mug.


Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas! Love waking up to my nephews every Christmas Day.


December 26: Drinks @ ABV


December 29: Hong Kong Street Food Eating


No sleep! Early flight, and with only 2 hours of sleep, but I won’t waste my day sleeping all day!


December 30: Disneyland!!

Disney Parade

2016 has been rough. I’ve had my highs, and I’ve had my lows.Β 2017, be ready. πŸ™‚

What I Did On the First Day of 2017

On the first day of this year, we are still in Hong Kong, and we spent it by meeting our relatives who are living here in Central. We had coffee, shopped a bit, had dinner, walked on the streets of Lan Kwai Fung, and drank Tsingtao. Also today is the first time that I’m wearing my dad’s cool sweater.

Coffee at Starbucks – I was looking for the must – try coffee in Peel Street (Hazel & Hershey), but my cousin said it’s too far.


First photo of the year! – My mom and my cousin


My first photo: Happy Birthday to my cousin, Ate Ann!


First coffee of the year! Toffee nut latte


First heavy meal of the year!img_3765img_3766img_3767img_3498img_3771img_3772


Street art along Queen’s Road…img_3513img_3783img_3784img_3512img_3789img_3790img_3794

Lan Kwai Fong – Here we drank beer and passed by a club…img_3797img_3799img_3800Processed with VSCO with a4 presetimg_3807img_3812

Stockton Clubimg_3813

Love the rose gold shakers and mixers…img_3815img_3816img_3818



My Trip Book – Read this on the way back to the hotel. I chose this book because I know it is all about love. During this trip, I learned about the slaughtered dog in a Filipino movie, “Oro”. This is very cruel, and it ruined my day.


Today was all about firsts! How fun. I’m excited for the rest of the year. I haven’t really set my resolutions in place, but day by day, I do my best in everything I do, and I just think about love and goodness all the time. Listing down resolutions is a plus, but I believe that those are the basic things to remember: to do your best always, and to do things in love and kindness.