Five Hacks To Success

There is really no concrete formula to success, but I believe in tricks and hacks to success. Everything starts from a good foundation and good habits, and when combined will lead to success.


Start early. Your mind and body works better, and you accomplish more stuff when you start working in the morning. Office/business hours usually start at 9 am, so start working by 8.30 am at most. In this way, you know you are ahead of everybody, especially in sales, where you have competition. It is more advantageous and more motivating when you know that everybody is still resting while you start grinding. Hype yourself by drinking coffee, munching on a yummy dessert, listening to good music, and thinking positive thoughts.img_1296

Always be on time. You can’t be perfectly and consistently be punctual especially in the Philippines, where traffic is terrible, but at least do your best to give time allowance. Target to arrive thirty minutes before the appointment or target time, as it is better to be early than to be late. I allot two hours travel time plus traffic when I go to meetings. If you arrive too early, maximize your waiting time by doing some backend work. Since I’m in sales, I maximize my waiting time by reviewing my planner/to – do list, check and respond to emails, call a client or a business partner, etc.img_3463

Stay organized. I am such a big fan of planners and organizers. I write my schedule, my list of things to accomplish, my goals, notes, etc. Inside my planner, I have daily quotes to motivate me each day, and I personalize it to make me more inspired to work. I also use my phone to input my to do’s, so I have an easy access to my list. When you are part of a group pursuit, whether you lead it or not, write down all the details and your own deliverables and make a checklist, so you will not forget anything. Make sure that your plans are specific, measurable and time – bound. Β Other than making a plan, physically keep your things simple and properly in place, so that you’ll have a clear working space, and you don’t waste time on looking for things because they’re everywhere.


My 2017 Work Planner


Rest & reward yourself as necessary. Do not work your a** off to the point of forgetting to live your life. How would you be able to taste the fruit of your hardwork if you don’t allow yourself to relax and enjoy? Once in a while I travel, pamper myself to a nail and massage spa, and to a salon, and buy something for myself as a gift for a job well done. There is no other effective motivator than your own self.


Never let go of your passion. When you love what you do, it is much easier to move closer to success. Always chase after perfection and set high standards for yourself because you you know you can do anything when you put your heart into it. Be positive, and do not let anybody stop you from reaching your goals.

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HPE Storage Cup



Vietnam Finds

I didn’t really shop that much in Vietnam because I did not really intend to, but I was able to bring back home with me a few cool things.

Wool Cover – Up

Got this for 400K Dong (P880), though my mom got hers for 250K Dong (p550) only when we got back the next day! 😦 Haggling in Hanoi can be very tricky, I must say. Nonetheless, I love the color and quality. It’s thick, and it really looks nice with anything.


3 – in – 1 & Ground Coffee + Coffee Drip

Vietnam being the second coffee capital in the world, their coffee is my favorite! For 35K (P77) Dong Cafe Hue ground coffee and 5K (P11) Dong coffee drip, I feel like I’m still having a taste of Vietnam in my own home! So rich and delicious! I couldn’t remember how much the box of 3 – in 1 coffee was, but it tastes good! I only have one sachet left as of this writing. 😦


Longer Than Usual Mirror

80K Dong (176) for this mirror. I’m not really sure, but I haven’t seen a vertically long mirror in Manila like this. What we have is square – shaped, and half the size of this. I like the print, and it’s more convenient because reveals my whole face when I use it.

Woven Tissue Holder & Storage

I got this tissue holder for 250K Dong (P550). Aside from its design, I like it because it has a firm, thick and sturdy material. Others I’ve seen are lousy. My mom and I also bought a couple of pieces in pretty different colors & designs and sizes, which we also gave to our friends as Christmas presents.



Photo by my friend, Apple. I gave the smaller version as a gift.

Compact Plastic Utensils

I think this costs 70K Dong (P154), I’m quite unsure. This is perfect for me because I like bringing food to work, and I also like eating in the car. It’s light because it’s plastic, and very handy because it’s foldable. It already has a pair of spoon and fork, plus a pair of chopsticks.


I’m almost running out of coffee, so I hope I’d be able to find somebody who will go to Vietnam soon! πŸ™‚ There’s really nothing much to shop for in Vietnam. The best things from my trip were really more of the experience, people, culture, nature and food. πŸ™‚


What I Got For Christmas This Year 2016

I like receiving gifts, and most of all, I like giving gifts. I am so happy with these nice presents from the people who care. I really loved my gifts this year because you know when it’s special when the person knows you best to be able to identify what to give you rather than hoarding items, and just giving it to anyone without meaning or thought.


A reed diffuser for my room/condo/new home (yup we’re transferring soon) — My mom knows how I love aromatherapy/scented candles, and I love cozying up my room.


A very soft and smooth blanket from my brother — Not only because he works for a retail company that sells this, but he knows that I easily feel cold almost all the time, and I’m sure he knows how I like cozy blankets.


A giant mug from my brother for our exchange gift — I know it doesn’t look like it in the picture, but it is more than the size of my hand. I’ve never seen a mason jar as huge as this. Again, not only because my brother’s company sells this, he knows I have a big collection of water/beverage mugs, tumblers, bottles, or whatever you call it. I probably already have too much of this, which I bring to work, to the gym, and I always make sure that I have water supply in my car, but I am happy to add one more.


A vanity pouch from my colleague


Tangerine – colored pouches from my colleague — I know he knows that I like organizing (and compartmentalizing my stuff) .


A sparkling drink from one of my colleagues — Well drinking is almost everyone’s favorite, so I’m drinking it now while I make this post. πŸ™‚


Fuji apples from one of our distributors — I have to say I got a bunch of this, like a huge box of more than 10 apples. It makes me feel eat lots of apples, since I don’t really eat fruits that much.


A stress relief pillow from my pepmate that smells like peppermint — Yes I so need this. She knows I’m always toxic with work haha


A travel accessory set (L – R: notebook, bag tag and boarding pass/document holder) from another pepmate of mine — I love travel organization and hacks. She knows I’ve been traveling a lot for leisure and for work. Plus, the person who gave this to me is planning on a trip to Japan with me. πŸ™‚


A humidifier from one of my bestfriends — She knows I’m transferring to a new home and condo soon, and she knows that I love cozying up my room, so she got me something that she’s using in her condo to share with me her therapy that helps prevent dryness in my EENT.

The best gifts ever not material things such as love, family, friends, good health, safety, and success. I am thankful and grateful for everything that God has blessed me with.

Happy Holidays!

the life – changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo

I finished this book 2 months ago, and I can say I am able to pick – up a lot of things, but not completely adhere to everything it says. I only followed these methods below.

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Empty your bag every night.


img_1841According to Konmari, the purpose of this is for you to be able to see every single thing in your bag and make sure that you have everything complete, and throw away all unnecessary stuff like receipts, candy wrappers, etc. when the day ends. This works for me but not everyday because there are times when I arrive home late, and leave really early the next day. In that case, I don’t have time to bring my things out, and in again the next morning. But I like the deed in general.

All coins must go directly inside your wallet or coin purse.

I totally agree with this because I tend to put the coins on top of my side table, inside my pocket, my bag’s pocket, and later on put it in its right place anyway. It’s just a waste of time, and it clutters the spaces.


Throw away or shred receipts and statements (credit card, mobile subscription, car insurance, etc.)

I used to keep an expandable folder to file the different types of documents stated above, so that when the bill or statement arrives, I can match it with my receipts. Yes it’s a wise thing to do, but I rarely do it. Since almost everything is online or electronic nowadays, it saves me more time to just download apps to monitor my accounts and expenses depending on the frequency I prefer, so I don’t have to manage these in paper.

Let go of the things that do not spark joy. This is the Konmari Method.

The only magic question to ask is if a particular thing still brings joy to you, considering its sentimental value, cost, and everything about it. I have donation boxes where the stuff I decide not to keep all go, so in this way, I still put my things to a good cause. It doesn’t only pertain to material things per se, but all the influences in life such as people, work, and the like.

I keep my life simple, and only entertain the things that spark joy. I do more of what makes me happy.




October Faves

Got so excited to plan for the next year (2017 fiscal year starts in November), so I bought these journaling and planning stuff right ahead.

  • Washi tapes, stickers, notebooks, scheduler/to do and personal planner

Bought these babies on the left from @scribewritingessentials , and these really keep me energized to work and accomplish my tasks efficiently. I like the Japanese paper quality of the Midori notebook, Design Hatch and Daycraft planner. Washi tapes on the right are from an online store, in which I really love the designs, perfect for travel, wine nights, photography, meetings, motivation, etc.

  • Vegan Coffee

Been attempting to go vegan starting October, but I guess starting with this one matters a lot. Remember, the first step is the most important. πŸ™‚ It works as coffee in terms of the aroma, packaging and procedure make the drink, but it’s caffeine – free and has 124 natural ingredients in it. I just have crackers with it for breakfast, or I drink it in the afternoon (no caffeine, so it doesn’t affect my sleep). Read more about it plus the Alkaplus below. If you’re really serious about going Vegan, then get this from Kalyn Nicholson.


  • Midori Travelers Notebook

I use this as my work planner, notebook, goal book, receipt keeping, and the like. In short, I use this for everything about work or my career. I so love the leather material, the quality of Japanese paper, its compactness, and its sophistication. I bring this to work every single day.


The scratches are normal, as over time, the material gets shinier, and better and better. The scratches put character to it.


I love how it matches my artisan mug (coffee almost fully consumed haha)


Hello to the hand – woven art I got from Vietnam last week. I just feel that these objects go together.


Planning is the first step to help you visualize your goals, and later on let you identify the steps on how to achieve it. When starting something you think is a long shot, just do it by starting with something small because small things eventually lead to big things.


Top 3 September Faves

September has just passed, and I started loving three things during that month.

  • “the life – changing magic of tidying up” book by Marie Kondo

I love organizing, and fixing my things. This book is a new angle that I like to consider because I am obsessed with how the Japanese does things. Discarding before organizing, and selecting that stuff that will stay by I will be going there soon to witness it. πŸ™‚

  • Off – shoulder tops

I used to be skeptic with off – shoulder tops when it started to become a trend again. I thought it would make me look fat just like the the old days. I shopped with Apple, and she convinced me to try it on, and I liked it. I realized that the difference was in the material that makes me look fat. It is now made of cotton, whereas before, it was made of soft material, which follows the shape of your body.

  • Ombre

An ombre hairstyle means you have more than one color. Mine is unintentional. When my hair grows black again, I need to retouch the color every months. What an instant ombre!

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Finally got this Japanese organizing book!

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Off shoulder Friday

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Hair makeover πŸ™‚

These are the things that actually make me a better person physically and mentally, and put my life in order such as organizing, and improving the way I look and present myself in accordance to my personality and how I express myself.



September: Something New

My September made me experience a lot of new things, and that’s what made it extra fun. Something new. I ended August by doing something that scares me, or something that I never thought I can actually do. New things give new beginnings and opens doors, and doing something you’ve never done makes you realize that you can do anything if you really want it because you will never know unless you try.

September 1:


Throwback photo with Apple in a bar in Quezon City

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HPE Storage Cup the night before


Heartbreaking explosion in Davao… Remembering Davao..πŸ™πŸŒˆβ€οΈ Beautiful flowers in Mayumi’s Wishing Well at the Eden Garden.


September 3


The music that hypes my mood

September 4

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Finally got this Japanese organizing book!

September 4 – 5:


Wine with my bff after a stressful Monday…

September 7


Super like organizing. The author of “the life – changing magic of tidying up” actually has an app, and a community.

September 10

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Hair makeover πŸ™‚


“Be kind to yourself while blooming. I know sometimes it feels like your soul doesn’t always fit. It’s all a part of the process.” β€”Emery Allen

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Videoke birthday celeb for Gel in Metrowalk


September 11


Mom’s Birthday dinner @ Butcher’s Kitchen, Marikina

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September 12



Holiday with Brooke

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What a beauty.πŸ˜πŸ’– She lost a lot of weight, but she’ll soon get it back. I love her so much just the same.😘


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September 17: Tagaytay Day 1

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(L – R): April, Aimee, Kriska & Me

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Late lunch at Bag of Beans

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Flower eating for dinner at Sonya’s Garden πŸ™‚

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Wine at Balay Dako

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September 18: Tagaytay Day 2

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Late Lunch at Marcia Adam’s

September 24: Caeden’s Christening

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Apple and her new painting

September 26



A happy photo from Cesar Milan

September 27


To the President we never had, and to one of the best role models of a woman of strength, rest in peace.

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September 30: Off shoulder Friday – Finally tried wearing this new style


Fear may often stop us from succeeding, and the only key is to ignore it by just taking a shot, and by doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Excited for October!