November Good Stuff

Two of the three things I love last month are from Vietnam because they have lots of cool stuff from the night market.


Huawei P9 Titanium Gray — Got this along with the renewal of my contract with Globe, my mobile/telco service provider, and I super love this phone because of its leica lens camera that gives very good quality to each photo. Photo from


Vietnamese Coffee Drip & Coffee (Cafe Hue)- Vietnamese coffee everyday! Mmmm… Well almost. Been used to instant coffees, and this is something different for me. So far, soooo good!


Knitted Shawl From Vietnam — It was cold every morning during my stay in Vietnam last November, so I bought this knitted shawl for around from a store just a few steps from our hotel. It’s very nice, comfy and it really keeps me warm.

Mostly got awesome stuff from Vietnam last November, and mostly related to everyday hacks, and things that make life easier, and keep me on the go everyday. A girl who’s always on a hustle has to have those stuff.



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