What I Got For Christmas This Year 2016

I like receiving gifts, and most of all, I like giving gifts. I am so happy with these nice presents from the people who care. I really loved my gifts this year because you know when it’s special when the person knows you best to be able to identify what to give you rather than hoarding items, and just giving it to anyone without meaning or thought.


A reed diffuser for my room/condo/new home (yup we’re transferring soon) — My mom knows how I love aromatherapy/scented candles, and I love cozying up my room.


A very soft and smooth blanket from my brother — Not only because he works for a retail company that sells this, but he knows that I easily feel cold almost all the time, and I’m sure he knows how I like cozy blankets.


A giant mug from my brother for our exchange gift — I know it doesn’t look like it in the picture, but it is more than the size of my hand. I’ve never seen a mason jar as huge as this. Again, not only because my brother’s company sells this, he knows I have a big collection of water/beverage mugs, tumblers, bottles, or whatever you call it. I probably already have too much of this, which I bring to work, to the gym, and I always make sure that I have water supply in my car, but I am happy to add one more.


A vanity pouch from my colleague


Tangerine – colored pouches from my colleague — I know he knows that I like organizing (and compartmentalizing my stuff) .


A sparkling drink from one of my colleagues — Well drinking is almost everyone’s favorite, so I’m drinking it now while I make this post. πŸ™‚


Fuji apples from one of our distributors — I have to say I got a bunch of this, like a huge box of more than 10 apples. It makes me feel eat lots of apples, since I don’t really eat fruits that much.


A stress relief pillow from my pepmate that smells like peppermint — Yes I so need this. She knows I’m always toxic with work haha


A travel accessory set (L – R: notebook, bag tag and boarding pass/document holder) from another pepmate of mine — I love travel organization and hacks. She knows I’ve been traveling a lot for leisure and for work. Plus, the person who gave this to me is planning on a trip to Japan with me. πŸ™‚


A humidifier from one of my bestfriends — She knows I’m transferring to a new home and condo soon, and she knows that I love cozying up my room, so she got me something that she’s using in her condo to share with me her therapy that helps prevent dryness in my EENT.

The best gifts ever not material things such as love, family, friends, good health, safety, and success. I am thankful and grateful for everything that God has blessed me with.

Happy Holidays!


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