November Instagram Story: Living Life To the Fullest

I love my November story. It was so fun and I believe I spent it very well with the people I love, and with the people who love and treasure me. Everyday was spent to the fullest, and I did not waste so much time on unnecessary things and people. I moved closer to the things that make me happy, and stayed away from those things and people who make me feel less.

November 1: Departure to Vietnam and snapshots of the night before’s Halloween celeb

November 4: Because there was no wifi and almost no signal in the island, I was able to share these Ha Long Bay snapshots when we got back to the port.

November 5: Ha Long Bay & Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh & Temple Hopping


November 7: Remembering the Halong bay trip with my mom

November 13:


My 2017 Work planner

Dinner With Apple – Instagram Video


November 14: Car hack from Pinterest – no more messy eating!


November 15: Something inspirational


November 16: Inspirational Quote

November 18: SMB & Channels Planning at Crosswinds Tagaytay

Beautiful sunset views from our roomscreen-shot-2016-12-17-at-6-27-16-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-17-at-6-27-28-pm


November 19: UAAP Cheerdance Competition at the Araneta Coliseum


Instagram Video: Cute Lil Cheerleaders

November 21:

Jane’s Birthday at Discovery Primea


EG FY 2017 Planning at Shang, BGC


November 24: Lunch with She at Wildflour, The Fort re our Japan trip!

November 26: Archery With Prit


Instagram Video: Archery

November 28: Dr. Kiko Castillo’s Book Signing in Meralco

November 30:


Wine with Issan the night before at La Vie Parisienne Makati


Finally got to brew my yummy Vietnamese coffee


Spent the halloween with so much fun with my friends, went on a vacation with my mom in Vietnam, tried a new thing (archery), went to my client’s book signing in which it was an honor to be invited, etc., it was indeed a colorful November. Won’t exchange this and my future for anything less.

One thing I learned from archery is to know when to let go. When you feel that it’s time to release it, do it. You will make it if you wait and stay too long for nothing.






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