Stop. Relax.

Love listening to the Sound of Water.


It’s Sunday, and it’s a day to stop and relax. Our year is about to end, and I feel all the pressure coming in. I’m talking about work. Had to pamper myself the night before I left for a business trip in Davao last October to recharge and get ready to face however  this year will end, and get all my energy back for next year.



A cup of water and ginger tea wraps up the experience, and makes me feel good and more relaxed. I love ginger tea!


The mug matching my pretty nails. I love gray. It pleases and calms my eyes.


I am such a huge fan of massages, but I only have it once a month whether it’s a full body massage, or a foot reflex plus a full body massage. A twice a month foot spa (conditions my feet and lower leg) together with my pedicure is also one of my regular body pampering in order to keep up with my daily grind, and serve as a reward for working at my best. A monthly full body massage is healthy, as a weekly massage may not be healthy anymore. A spa such as this is practical every quarter or every three months. I invest in anything therapeutic that would help my mind and body maintain a peaceful and healthy state because it gives me time to contemplate, keeps me focused, keeps my mind clear of negativity, and most especially, it makes me embrace life and be thankful for it.


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