the life – changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo

I finished this book 2 months ago, and I can say I am able to pick – up a lot of things, but not completely adhere to everything it says. I only followed these methods below.

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Empty your bag every night.


img_1841According to Konmari, the purpose of this is for you to be able to see every single thing in your bag and make sure that you have everything complete, and throw away all unnecessary stuff like receipts, candy wrappers, etc. when the day ends. This works for me but not everyday because there are times when I arrive home late, and leave really early the next day. In that case, I don’t have time to bring my things out, and in again the next morning. But I like the deed in general.

All coins must go directly inside your wallet or coin purse.

I totally agree with this because I tend to put the coins on top of my side table, inside my pocket, my bag’s pocket, and later on put it in its right place anyway. It’s just a waste of time, and it clutters the spaces.


Throw away or shred receipts and statements (credit card, mobile subscription, car insurance, etc.)

I used to keep an expandable folder to file the different types of documents stated above, so that when the bill or statement arrives, I can match it with my receipts. Yes it’s a wise thing to do, but I rarely do it. Since almost everything is online or electronic nowadays, it saves me more time to just download apps to monitor my accounts and expenses depending on the frequency I prefer, so I don’t have to manage these in paper.

Let go of the things that do not spark joy. This is the Konmari Method.

The only magic question to ask is if a particular thing still brings joy to you, considering its sentimental value, cost, and everything about it. I have donation boxes where the stuff I decide not to keep all go, so in this way, I still put my things to a good cause. It doesn’t only pertain to material things per se, but all the influences in life such as people, work, and the like.

I keep my life simple, and only entertain the things that spark joy. I do more of what makes me happy.





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