October Faves

Got so excited to plan for the next year (2017 fiscal year starts in November), so I bought these journaling and planning stuff right ahead.

  • Washi tapes, stickers, notebooks, scheduler/to do and personal planner

Bought these babies on the left from @scribewritingessentials , and these really keep me energized to work and accomplish my tasks efficiently. I like the Japanese paper quality of the Midori notebook, Design Hatch and Daycraft planner. Washi tapes on the right are from an online store, in which I really love the designs, perfect for travel, wine nights, photography, meetings, motivation, etc.

  • Vegan Coffee

Been attempting to go vegan starting October, but I guess starting with this one matters a lot. Remember, the first step is the most important. πŸ™‚ It works as coffee in terms of the aroma, packaging and procedure make the drink, but it’s caffeine – free and has 124 natural ingredients in it. I just have crackers with it for breakfast, or I drink it in the afternoon (no caffeine, so it doesn’t affect my sleep). Read more about it plus the Alkaplus below. If you’re really serious about going Vegan, then get this from Kalyn Nicholson.


  • Midori Travelers Notebook

I use this as my work planner, notebook, goal book, receipt keeping, and the like. In short, I use this for everything about work or my career. I so love the leather material, the quality of Japanese paper, its compactness, and its sophistication. I bring this to work every single day.


The scratches are normal, as over time, the material gets shinier, and better and better. The scratches put character to it.


I love how it matches my artisan mug (coffee almost fully consumed haha)


Hello to the hand – woven art I got from Vietnam last week. I just feel that these objects go together.


Planning is the first step to help you visualize your goals, and later on let you identify the steps on how to achieve it. When starting something you think is a long shot, just do it by starting with something small because small things eventually lead to big things.



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