Top 3 August Favorites

Whites, yummy smelling room and delicious munchies are my favorites this August. Anything that would add color and uniqueness to my everyday life, I like. πŸ™‚

  • Keds Leather Sneakers: What a classic brand. The last time I wore Keds was way back in high school during my cheerleading years, back when Tretorn was also an in thing. Neutrals started to be my interest, and I’ve made a change on my wardrobe. I switched from bright and printed clothing to plain and neutral. Not that I totally got rid of my printed and bright clothes because I don’t think that’s even possible for now, but I just like to pair this with my jeans and dresses to create a clean look. I bought this more than the other white sneakers in the market because since it’s leather, it’s very easy to clean. I used this during our rainy, and a little muddy tour in Davao, and I never worried about getting my shoes dirty. It was a great buy.


  • Scented Candles: I love the smell of my candles that makes my room feel more cozy. It relaxes me whether while I read, work or listen to music.

So happy with my scented candles!


  • Taters Tofu Chips: Munching on anything while reading or watching a movie makes the habit complete. Taters tofu chips became my ultimate obsession, wherein I’d work and shop to a mall with a Taters store. It worked like coffee for sometime that I couldn’t pass a day without having it. Sour cream and barbecue flavors are the best.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Simple pleasures change my mood, and add up to my happiness big time. No matter how small these are, appreciate every single thing that makes you happy. God usually intervenes through little things, and most people who are not grateful enough tend to neglect or not notice it. Pay attention and always be thankful.


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