Youtube, My Friend.

When Youtube started, I didn’t really grasp its usefulness, so I only used it to look for something specific like a commercial which I or my friends starred in once in a while. Lately I’ve been very obsessed with a couple of things that require not just one demo/visual. This was the only time I explored Youtube, and how things operate there. I am currently a big fan of the idea of making life simple because it is not lived to complicate. Starting from my room, work, relationships, to the other areas of my life. I need to clear things out, so I can smoothly live each day at a time, leaving some extra baggage, and just keep on moving ahead.

Home Organizing By

I get so inspired with Alejandra Costelo’s tidy organizing techniques! From bedrooms, closets, cars, bags, work, and everything I need in my everyday life.

Kalyn Nicholson

Her channel helps me make my life lighter and happier. I get tips on decorating my room, and on coping up with stress and days when things don’t go my way. She is very creative in making her nook cozy and inspirational. My room is actually inspired by her videos. I watch her videos to make myself feel that I’m not the only one going through those bad days, and there’s always a cure to keep myself going.


Nikki has contributed tips on how I organize my work life, has shared every single helpful hack ,and how I pick and appreciate the color combination that works for me. She shows how visuals and pleasing colors can inspire you to work harder.

That’s Heart

Though this channel is the least one I watch, I like the way this girl is so giddy and enthusiastic about her stuff. Her energy makes me realize that I can be this excited about life no matter how hard it is. I love how her favorite colors bring life to her everyday life.

This is how I make extensive and purposeful use of social media, wherein I learn and get inspired. I have turned to this platform since then, and has helped me appreciate and enjoy life every single day.


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