Recharge: 5 Ways to Spend Your Holiday Vacation

Isn’t it wonderful to have an eleven – day holiday vacay from work? Last day of work for 2014 was December 23, a day to go to the office tomorrow, then come back on January 5. My goal is to be able to recharge and prepare for the big 2015 by eliminating, building and reconstructing. In my craft, everyday is a busy day. We have daily, weekly and monthly targets like many other industries. In other words, everyday is a hustle. Action plans on attributions of the results don’t stop even after meeting the targets. All of us are thankful for the many days of rest, and here are the things I have been doing. I…

  1. Read.

I haven’t really had enough time to read all the books I’ve been wanting to finish, so I end up reading 5 books all at the same time. Since you now have a good number of free days to read these unfinished books, try to finish a book a day, or at least finish a book at a time per your own pace. A 30 – minute reading time while having breakfast or after eating breakfast, while sipping coffee or your favorite drink is a good way to start your day with a positive mindset. I read a self – encouraging book at the start of my day, followed by a novel. My current morning read is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, which I highly recommend before 2014 ends, or during the start of 2015, to help you recharge and start anew. My second read is The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks to catch – up with my desire to know interesting stories, and learn life lessons from these books. Reading makes you enjoy your “me time”, relaxes and opens your mind, and most importantly it teaches you many things.

2. Watch



The Fury

The Fury

Now is your chance for a dvd marathon! Destress and free your mind from work stuff by watching good movies! This is also a good way to bond with your family and friends.

3.  Organize.

Take this opportunity to remove and save this year’s photos and files to your hard drive, and let your laptop or computer be a space for everything about 2015. This will make your laptop or computer function more efficiently. Make sure that you have your 2015 planner ready, so you can forecast your activities and events, not miss anything, and get a view of how your year, month, week and day would look like. Declutter and put all things inside your room in place. Part of being organized is planning ahead. Meet your team for next year’s goals, expectations, vision, and the like, so everybody will be inspired to contribute to the team’s success. Organizing gives you a feeling of positivity that everything will go well.

4.  Catch – up.

Coffee with my friend, Cris.

Coffee with my friend, Cris.

IMG_0355 IMG_0363_2

Reunion with DLSU pep batch mates

Reunion with DLSU pep batchmates

Have lunch or coffee with your family and long lost friends. Tell them everything they’ve missed about you because you were too dedicated and swamped with work. Reuniting with them is a reminder that work is not your only life that your friends are still there for you no matter how busy and MIA (missing in action) you may be, and vice – versa. It is a combination of doing something you love and being around your favorite people, having good conversations.

5. Reward yourself.

IMG_0027_2 Reward yourself by traveling, getting your nails done and by having a good massage. You deserve nice things like these for the hardwork you’ve done for the year. This is a good year – ender that will help you condition yourself in making 2015 another fruitful year.


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