Food Trippin’ In Dumaguete

Throwback Thursday post, here we go. 😉

Nothing like escaping from the busy life in Manila to travel to a quiet place like Dumaguete, finding good food and fresh air.  This was a business trip done last year. Food in Dumaguete is just so good, and not to mention very very affordable. Actually cost of living in Dumaguete is just but more affordable.

Dumaguete City views from the hotelDumaguete City view from my hotel


Sans Rival Bistro

Sans Rival Bistro is located in San Jose Street, Dumaguete, right in front of the bay view. I could say that the ambiance and design is somewhat similar to what we have in Manila, Conti’s. Sans Rival Bistro is my kind of place to dine and have coffee. Bringing a good book and a laptop for work, and hanging out with friends are such good ideas to enjoy this spot. Sansrival and sylvanas (their specialties) are two of my favorite dessert addictions, and you’ll find both here!


The old Sans Rival Bistro was once the residential homes of the owners.

Photo from:

Photo from:
View outside

View outside


Sylvannas and yummy frap for an afternoon meeting with ze boss

Sylvannas and yummy frap for an afternoon meeting with ze boss




Look up!

Look up!


I love the food and people in Dumaguete. Will definitely come back.


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