Life’s a Beach

One of the classic beach (Boracay) songs way back in 2006. Hit play. 😉

Since it’s throwback Thursday again, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite business trips in Iloilo for the Dinagyang Festival. These are photos I took during the trip in no particular sequence. Due to the scarcity of hotels during the said event, we stayed in a resort a bit far (30 minutes away from the city) from our office. It’s at the Anhawan Beach Resort & Spa in Oton, Iloilo. I would really love to come back here.

To know everything about Anhawan Beach Resort & Spa, click here .

The Beach

I may not go to the beach often, but I love getting lost the beach kind of way. The sun, the tan (I wish!), the fresh air/breeze touching my skin, the breathtaking views/sights, the blue sky, the clouds, the water, the sunset, the sand, and the feel of nature right within my reach. It makes me realize that everything will be under control, and that life really is beautiful.IMG_0254

I love how the isolation of the place helped me relax from everything that’s going on with my Manila life. It’s kind of reserved because it’s not that commercialized, and not a lot of people go here because of the distance from the city. If you want happenings, stay in the hotels around the city. If you want peace and silence, then you should be here.IMG_0274









I enjoyed the free sailing lessons. We can even reach Bohol, and drink champagne, but I’ll do it next time. It was a pleasure to be taught by the instructor who competed in the olympics.

I'm ready to sail!
I’m ready to sail!




Continuation on my next blog! 😉


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