So Fresh & So Clean

And so it’s Monday again… Yay or nay? Of course it’s yay. Let’s look at the official first day of the week as a fresh and clean start. Monday is a good opportunity to start anew and to change for the better. Forget all your worries, and welcome all positivities. A pretty smile would be a perfect first step. 😉

Here’s a happy and feel good music for you. 😉 Enjoy your Monday!

Today I’m wearing white and brown as basic color themes for my outfit to symbolize simplicity and purity. I played around with a bear designed scarf, floral bag and minimally studded pair of huge sunnies (you’ll see where the studs are hiding later on hihi).


Play of white and brown

Play of white and brown


My cute bear scarf was given to be my sister as “pasalubong” when she went to Singapore and Malaysia. I bought this black pair of huge sunnies with studs on the sides from a store in Singapore.

Top from Plains & Prints , gray pants from Mango , bag from Forever 21 and white shoes from The Ramp .


I promised myself to never look back, and go nowhere but up and forward. Failures, trials, challenges and hardships are signs of God reconstructing our lives. These are sometimes prerequisites to something good and beautiful. When you’ve done so much, it’s time for you to sit back, relax and wait for God’s surprises. Keep the faith!


Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. – Daily Therapy


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