By the Window


“When God closes a door, He opens a window.” – The Winner Stands Alone, Paulo Coelho

I am feeling hopeful today. I am ready for whatever God has planned for me. Some things might not end up the way I want them to be, but I trust in His surprises. As I look back, I am very much grateful and thankful for my parents, and the people who led me to what I am today. It has been indeed a roller coaster, but I will always keep the faith and stay strong, and I will never stop dreaming. Prayer helps me get through every single day. My life is not as perfect, but I know God will give me what I deserve. I still have a long way, and I can start anywhere.


I love to play with colors when I dress myself. I only have a handful of blacks and whites actually. It says a lot about myself. I am a risk taker. I pursue things I desire and I believe in whatever the outcome may be because I believe that God will not lead me to something without purpose. Being safe all the time, not knowing what might have been or what could have been will not get you anywhere.

Peach top, colorful accessories, blue silk sling bag with touch of gold, and floral shoes… Everything symbolizes light, hope, life, love and happiness.

SAM_2710SAM_2714My top says, "Goin' to Acapulco." I want mine to be "Goin' to Paris".

My top says, “Goin’ to Acapulco.” I want mine to be “Goin’ to Paris”.

Everyone wants some sort of an escape from their busy world, and everyone has his own dream place/destination. I just go out – of – town, and get some fresh air alone when I’m stressed, and I dream of going to Paris with the love of my life. What’s yours like?

SAM_2722SAM_2723Love this lil detail!

Love this lil detail!
Love this lil detail!

Love this lil detail!

See that surprise little detail, which makes it special? This is actually a DIY pair of shorts I got from a  bazaar. I always tell myself to pay attention to small details in big stuff because to live happily, it’s a good start to appreciate the little things in life everyday. Remember, good things sometimes come in small packages.


That unique ribbon closer/string is the best thing I love about this necklace.

One of the prettiest necklaces I got from my long lost supplier from Cebu! I'm so in love with this piece!

One of the prettiest necklaces I got from my long lost supplier from Cebu! I’m so in love with this piece!

Love every detail!

Love every detail!

Got this colorful bracelet in Boracay

Got this colorful bracelet from Boracay
Bought this bag from a friend who's already in the U.S.

Bought this bag waaaay back from a friend who’s already in the U.S.



Blue Zara blazer, peach Mango top and Forever 21 floral heels.

Sharing light and color to everyone! May you find the love of your life, and the happiness you deserve. Don’t stop dreaming and working for your life. 😉


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