Natural Is Beautiful

Being natural is not being plain. It is simple, yet classy and elegant. I love natural colors like brown, cream, beige, light gray, and the like. I covered a sexy top with a conservative collared blouse. I wore this for a casting yesterday, where my role is a young mom. A coolΒ and fashionable mom! It was a lovely day because my mom accompanied me. πŸ™‚ The day shots are not so flattering… Gotta find a better cam soon. Hehhee SAM_2669 SAM_2670SAM_2672SAM_2669SAM_2671SAM_2672 Brown tank top from People Are People, denim jeans and striped collared blouse fromΒ MangoΒ , nude shoes from Charles & KeithΒ , sunnies from Ray Ban, and bag fromΒ Forever 21Β . Be natural, be yourself! You are beautiful and unique.


5 thoughts on “Natural Is Beautiful

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