Go For Gold

Oh my gosh! I haven’t blogged for two days because of a very important presentation I made for my future work. I’ll tell you more about it when I finally start officially. πŸ˜‰

Here’s what I wore last Saturday’s date night.

I look so thin hahaha

I look so thin hahaha

Put some touch of gold on your outfit.


This 3/4 puff – sleeved blazer of mine is gorge! I love the gold buttons, as accents to the piece.


This hat from H&M is my fave. Wore it instead of bringing a bulky umbrella. I’ve worn this with many of my outfits. It’s a superb find.


Butterfly dangling earrings

Butterfly dangling earrings



Lippie from Revlon, hat at from H&M, denim jeans from MangoΒ ,Β and nude shoes fromΒ Charles & Keith .

Yummy taza at Cafe XocolatΒ while waiting for my date. Hihi


Red & gold arm charm

Red & gold arm charm

I love weekends! Going to my fave choco place, Cafe Xocolat, dinner at Ninjo’s and tea at Biksa Coffee (I forgot its new name). Β Perfect way to close the week!


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