Pink Life

Since it’s throwback Thursday, my post for today is an advertorial for Inquirer released in 2006. Asymmetrical tops, printed leggings, beaded accessories and colorful long feather lashes are style and beauty mainstays as of today.

Everything is fromΒ SM Department Store. You may not be able to get these specific pieces anymore, but I bet you’ll find eye-catching outfits and accessories from SM!


I’m reminded of my college days when all I stress about are just my studies and extra-curricular activities, and when almost all the firsts happened. First co-ed experience (being in Miriam College throughout my pre-college life), first drinking session, first outing with school/org mates, first Boracay vacation, etc. This was when I started to gain a lot of friends from the different walks of life.


In meeting a lot of new people in school, I would always want to look my best from head to foot. Talk about conditioning my hair, wearing minimal make-up to look naturally beautiful, dressing up appropriately well, and keeping myself neat and hygienic. I am very conscious of my appearance during these days because this is when teenage insecurities and issues related to skin a.k.a. pimples, weight, body changes and developments, and so on, take place. For me, looking my best was the way to keep up with it. My only advice is that always wear something that you feel you’re comfortable and confident in, and be yourself. You are beautiful and unique, so don’t compare yourself with other people.


Girl besties are my fave! One in each group – in my BS Biology block, in the DLSU Pep Squad, and “loyalists”Β since pre-college years.


Do you still remember your first romance, puppy love, MU, or whatever you call it? Hmmm it’s a looong story I’m sure. πŸ˜‰


Guy buds are the best! You get advice from a guy’s point-of-view! I’ve been friends with these guys for more than 10 years! Too bad I lost almost all my photos with them back then, as my laptop was stolen three years ago, but who cares? We’re still good friends up to now though some may be pursuing their dreams around the world! I am very grateful for the technology because it keeps us connected wherever they may be.

Β sm12

Missin’ my college groupies! Hahaha some may not like the term, but of course you get to meet people from different groups and orgs (as what it’s called in colleges and universities). They’re my families outside my family.

Here’s a tbt (throwback Thursday) photo collection of my college friends waaaaay back. They’re just few of the whole bunch! I’m so happy to have them in my life!

Val, my bestycuz (cousin and bestfriend), and I at our Miriam College High School pep mate’s birthday in 2006. We’ve been bestfriends since grade 3! I miss her so much!6546464564 (2)

Lulu has been my best friend since first year high school. We were block sections back then, so we’ve been stuck with each other since then! Hahaha kidding. She is now an OB doctor! So proud of her!With Lourdy (that's my term of endearment hehe) during our barkada Christmas Party in 2008

With Lourdy (that’s my term of endearment hehe) during our barkada Christmas Party in 2008

April is myΒ bestfriendΒ in the DLSU Pep Squad. She “took care” of me during the initiation and welcoming, and we would just laugh about that experience. When you firstΒ encounterΒ her, what you see is what you get. She is my ultimate adviser because she is very frank and transparent. No pretensions, my friend! We call ourselves The Daisy (that’s me) and Mercy Tag Team. I tell her everything.At a friend's party in 2007 with Daisy (again, my term of endearment)

At a friend’s party in 2007 with Mercy (again, my term of endearment)
Hahaha with Rob and JC

Hahaha with Rob and JC

With Rob

With Rob

With Chatz

With Chatz

During drinking sessions with my LSGH friends!

With my Miriam College Pep Squad girls

With my pretty Miriam College Pep Squad girls

At Jackie's wedding with gorgeous people from my agency

At Jackie’s wedding with gorgeous people from my agency

And the latest uploaded tbt photo of my DLSU Pep Squad family! Nenes and to totoys galore hahaha

And the latest uploaded tbt photo of my DLSU Pep Squad family! Nenes and to totoys galore hahaha

This space will never be enough to showcase all my college memories. I am very thankful to have met these people. We are meant to be friends for life.


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